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… Kendzsi played Rhapsody in Blue with fantastic confidence, […] with huge, energetic fortes, and oftentimes with gentle, tender keystrokes.”

Born in Hungary, Kendzsi Tanaka is half Japanese. He studied piano at the Vántus István Music High School with Dr Lucz Ilona from 2009-2013 in Szeged, Hungary. He then graduated from The Royal Academy of Music, London in 2017 under the tutelage of Joanna MacGregor. He earned his Master’s Degree in Piano Performance studying with Niklas Sivelöv at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen.

The warmth and melancholy of this soulful piece is beautifully captured in this live recording by pianist Kendzsi Tanaka.”

Kendzsi has won several international prizes with his performances, including:

  • Second Prize at the VIII. International Stasys Vainiunas Piano Competition
  • Third Prize and Orchestra’s Special Award in the VII. International Bartók Béla Piano Competition
  • First Prize and The Best Interpretation of a Hungarian Piece at the 18th National Piano Competition in Békescsaba, Hungary
  • Second Prize at the 32nd Valsesia Musica International Competition.

He outstandingly likes playing music from Bartók, Brahms and Bach, but also loves experimenting with contemporary music and jazz.

Kendzsi is also devoted to pedagogy, and he teaches a class of a dozen talented young pianists in Copenhagen. He also has an entrepreneurial initiative, founding Jun Grooming, a men’s skincare brand. In his free time, Kendzsi enjoys practicing his culinary skills, and also indulges in web development and coding.


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    Photo credit: Kilimas Arts